Sunday, 18 January 2009

Gee whiz, mistuh!

Holy crap, two posts in about as many days? Like anyone really notices...

Well... I thought, seeing this -is- an art blog, I'd post some frapping artwork. Right here, right now.


Four projects from our Narrative Illustration unit.

HMV-type poster for the re-release of Alma Cogan's 'Twenty Tiny Fingers', needed to show characteristics of a young couple, men, women and babies. Also needed to be optimistic.

Illustration to accompany a Philip Larkin poem in a poetry book. The poem given was 'Old Fools' had to represent old age sensitively.

Square format image for a coffee table book aimed at well-educated 16-25 year olds, image needed to relate to the song 'Jollity Farm'

Another coffee table book, aimed at well-educated 10-15 year olds, in a circular format, representing the song 'Monster Mash'

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Craig Burgess said...

Love the happy illustration at the top of the page. Love it all in fact.

Nice work man! Keep it up.

Might have something might be interested in helping out with some of your fine illustration actually. It's called Sick Cards——Katie might have already mentioned it.

Get my email off here: and hit me up. I'll send you more deets.