Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Ironically Irony has an Ironic Sense of Humour... the Git...

Well, I'm massively struggling with a variety university projects, and yet, when I decided to have a break and finally get round to doing a character sketch for the webcomic I'm supposed to be doing, I suddenly find all that creativity haemmoraging onto the paper.

Yippee-kay-ay Mother Russia.

Now I just need to nail this project on an American state, the advertising for Heinz Beans using cowboys and finally my self-proposed brief of Lovecraft story cover illustrations...

Go team!

I should probably post some artwork...

But I won't.

Stick that in your tuba and smoke it!

~That offence to nature and science.


Song: Turisas - Five Hundred and One
Reading material: Junji Ito's 'Gyo'
Beverage of choice: Water... In a beaten old tankard.
Psuedo-regrets: Buying Westworld and the Tremors 'Attack Pack' boxset.